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What else have you been working for your whole life if not to spoil, pamper, and lavish lovely gifts upon beautiful, glamorous women?


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Better than the traditional Girl Friend Experience (GFE) try the Gift Friend Experience. With G I F T: Girlfriends In Fantastic Tease.

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It's better to give than to receive;
It's better to gift than be rejected.

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09th Aug 2014

A Real Book Lover

I have a thing for books. I don’t only devour them with my eyes; I don’t only satiate my soul with their words, images, and ideas. No, I also adore...

18th Jun 2014

“You’ve Got To Be Kitten Me Right Meow!”

Also spotted during my Mall of America trip, this You’ve Got To Be Kitten Me Right Meow! folder and notepad. Cute, cute, CUTE!

14th Jun 2014

Artisan Jewelry

Secondhand Rose here again with more delights from my trip to the Mall of America. This time, it’s all about the jewelry! I found a super little shop that specializes...

13th Jun 2014

Time For Wine!

Some very cool wine bottles I spotted at the Old Vine Wine Shop during last weekend’s visit to the Mall Of America. Who is thirsting for a Marilyn? A Marilyn...

Secondhand Rose

Secondhand Rose has been described as many things. Lots of contradictory things. She can be as mystical and magnificent as the fae fairy creatures she cavorts with, then show off...


Pamper this princess, and you could be her king! Well, if not her one and only king, then you could at least join her long list of long-distance sugar daddies!...

A Slip Of A Girl

A Slip Of A Girl says, “There are never enough nylon stockings, garters, slips, panties, nightgowns… The drawers never quite seem full enough!” When a girl loves lingerie this much,...