A Slip Of A Girl

A Slip Of A Girl says, “There are never enough nylon stockings, garters, slips, panties, nightgowns… The drawers never quite seem full enough!”


When a girl loves lingerie this much, especially vintage lingerie in a large enough bust size, it’s hard to get enough of it — that’s where you come in.

Along with vintage (and vintage-styled) lingerie, this savvy romantic is also looking for the following gifts:

* A WWD Premium Membership (which includes print and online versions, plus access to older archives). Cost: $295 a year.

* A laptop. Cost: $399.

* Vintage lingerie collectibles, including, but not limited to, vintage lingerie catalogs and fashion magazines, salesman’s books and retail display items.

* Vintage vanity items, such as antique mirrors, cosmetic items, and other boudoir accoutrement.

* Tanzanite jewelry.

* Books, books, and more books.

You can slip the cash for (and into!) her delicates here.

And, if you’re a Slip Suitor who has purchased her email address, you’ll be able to send her e-gift cards from Amazon and eBay.

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