Secondhand Rose

Secondhand Rose has been described as many things. Lots of contradictory things.


She can be as mystical and magnificent as the fae fairy creatures she cavorts with, then show off her fierce biting intellect the next moment. She has moments when she displays all the decadence and extravagance of an intoxicated shopper at a luxury boutique. She manages to balance a deep and profound understanding of melancholia and loneliness with bouts of silly word play and puns. She may coyly guard her inner-most thoughts one minute, then sweetly describe her inner-moist secrets the next! She is both sophisticated and earthy — and as mercurial as they come. But she wants you to know she does not need medication. Oh, no, she does not. (In fact, being able to access all these moods and interests makes for one happy, healthy and erotic woman — and numerous happy and sated gentlemen phone companions!) Ah, well, what’s a woman without a few facets?

…Speaking of facets, Rose loves jewelry and perfumes in fancy crystal bottles. She is a collector of handmade artisan items and adores fresh flowers in her house. In terms of fashion, she enjoys long twirling, swirling skirts; peignoirs and nightgowns with huge sweeps; dresses with plunging necklines, button-up blouses and v-neck t-shirts (with a rack like hers, you’ll like her in them too!), and on her feet she loves fancy high heels, and, yes, cowboy boots. Rose is also a bit of a nerd and it shows in her hobbies. She’s a voracious reader and a lover of antiques and museums. She love, love, loves going to flea markets. She has plans to learn to knit one day… And one day she may just do it! While Rose has a penchant for good old-fashioned low-tech board games, she still appreciates the practicality of high-tech gadgets. All these goodies are where you come in. But only if you want to.

You can find out more about Secondhand Rose at her website, Ruined Boudoir.

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