Artisan Jewelry

Secondhand Rose here again with more delights from my trip to the Mall of America. This time, it’s all about the jewelry!

I found a super little shop that specializes in wearable artisan jewelry creations called Local Charm. (They have a website, but it’s not up to par; I would call the shop and order directly.)

Most of the time, I prefer silver, silver-tone, white gold and platinum jewelry — and these pieces with the clear blue faceted stones just squealed “Summer!”


These piece are by Criffin Designs: Architecturally designed, handcrafted jewelry made from new and reclaimed WWII and Korean War Aircraft Nose Art. Despite the solid & bold looks, these pieces are lightweight. (That aircraft aluminum, remember?) I love the combination of mod design — and wearing history! I always say, “If my jewelry could talk…” *wink*



Perhaps my favorite were the pieces by Nick Vaverko of Luxehorn. These incredibly bold statement pieces are made of naturally-dyed horn!


I am particularly partial to the necklace and ring on the left in this next photo. (Hint Hint!)


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